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We partner with Clients to improve their business. Logistics/ Transportation, Tourism, and Hospitality are the sectors where we develop and implement Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer programs. The goals of each client determine the customized programs we propose and deliver.

Results-Driven. Client Focused. Delivered on Time and on Budget.
For more than 25 years, our firm has consistently created solutions that produce successful results locally, nationally, and internationally. Whether it is in Logistics/Transportation or Tourism/Hospitality and whether it is in the Greater Midwest or in Sri Lanka, our in-depth experience and cross cultural expertise combine to develop and implement customized programs that meet and often exceed expectations.

The Supply Chain Drives Our Economy and Delivers Jobs.
Our expertise is in the Supply Chain, especially in freight rail. The Greater Chicagoland, 3-state Region, is the freight rail hub of the country. Illinois is the only state to have six, Class One Railroads with numerous Short Line and Regional Railroads. We work with railroads, ports, suppliers, economic development organizations, and related industries developing communication programs, consulting, launching branding campaigns, and implementing educational events. Our work focuses on the bottom line in a sustainable manner with a corresponding community focus where our clients operate.

Important Economic Impact
In 2010, Ms. Pitz founded The Rail Summit, an annual event, with a vision of evolving into a nationally-focused event highlighting the economic importance of freight and the expanding opportunities which are resulting from the surge in energy and the re-birth of manufacturing.

As a practically, business-oriented, educational event, The Rail Summit The Supply Chain presents current breakthroughs, innovative developments, and leading trends which prompt thoughtful solutions to emerging opportunities and issues. The 2015 The Rail Summit The Supply Chain presents the most extensive program to date although the goals remain the same:

  1. Provide a forum where business deals are initiated.
  2. Promote greater collaborative cooperation.
  3. Educate Business Leaders, Elected Officials, and Community Stakeholders are the economic importance of freight.

O.E.C.D. Tri-State Territorial Review
In 2011, Ms. Pitz served on the core team for this important Tri-State Report. Her responsibilities included Transportation/Logistics and Indiana. This in-depth study lead to increasing the content presented at The Rail Summits and prompted expanding to include The Supply Chain as soon as appropriate.

Our focus remains on how freight continues to impact the national economy while including the critical relationships of rail with rail, trucking, and barges. Cooperative collaboration is key to success. No one sector can continue to exist successfully and profitably in a siloed environment.

Economic Development
Concurrently, we expanded into working with the economic development organizations of countries, regions, and corporations serving as a catalyst. We provide the introductions, connections, and facilitate the positive conclusions of re-locating companies including advising on marketing strategies and programs.


Increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Provide Record Number of Jobs.
We develop targeted programs for specialty markets that result in sustainable Tourism. The benefits of our customized campaigns stimulate economic growth and increase awareness of a region's or country's unique heritage.

Our carefully designed programs increase tourism which results in creating jobs with a wide range of skill levels. Increasing jobs helps to preserve culture and traditions. Our expertise is in the upscale traveler, the frequent traveler, and the soft adventure traveler. Our firm's expertise and experience in Tourism/Hospitality covers North America, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, the Pacific Rim, and Sri Lanka. Our clients include Ministries of Tourism as well as upscale Hotels and Hotel Groups.

Media & Publicity
Along with creating and implementing highly successful campaigns and programs, Ms. Pitz, a veteran journalist, authored two books, had syndicated columns for airlines, cruises, and published extensively in consumer and trade publications on travel highlighting food, wines, culture, and soft adventure activities. In addition, she created and filmed 19, 30 minute travel programs in 10 countries and one, 60-minute travel program for a Caribbean country. The series received high approval ratings on cable television.

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Join us for The 2016 Rail Summit Chain Summit. June 15, 2016, Union League Club, Chicago, IL

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